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Your life. Your home. Your way. Our help.

Buyers, sellers, and prospective tenants contact Marc Jong for a free consultation. Tell me your plans, and let me help get you there. Sellers, sell your home quicker and for a higher price. Buyers, match up with a reputable, efficient lender, identify your budget, negotiate effectively, and find a new place to call home. Investors, talk to me me about your inventory and management plans. Prospective tenants, let me help you find your new home- whether it's in our inventory or elsewhere. 


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This is a great feature story about how to search and find a home, including working with agents, identifying needs/wants, getting preapproved, budgeting your payment, making an offer, exploring other options, and of course, the home inspection. :)

Alaska MLS has created area maps for multiple areas within the State of Alaska. Real estate licensees use these areas to effectively identify and target buyer interest areas. These areas can be as large as entire regions or encompass multiple areas of a town. Licensees can even further customize searches to locate properties within specific neighborhoods, zip codes, and identify properties with specific characteristics. Working with a knowledgeable efficient real estate agent can help you quickly identify and matches buyers with preferred areas. Using this tool can give you a competitive edge in efficiently locating a suitable property and quickly making an offer to get ahead of competing buyers.

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