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Your life. Your home. Your way. Our help.

Buyers, sellers, and prospective tenants contact Marc Jong for a free consultation. Tell me your plans, and let me help get you there. Sellers, sell your home quicker and for a higher price. Buyers, match up with a reputable, efficient lender, identify your budget, negotiate effectively, and find a new place to call home. Investors, talk to me me about your inventory and management plans. Prospective tenants, let me help you find your new home- whether it's in our inventory or elsewhere. 


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New listings have increased since December, but the overall number of listings have decreased, and sold listings are down. Active median prices are relatively flat, but new median list price spikes. This is a buyer opportunity to revisit stale listings- or for sellers and agents to revisit marketing strategies pricing. Absorption rates fall from 4 months in December to nearly 3 months in January. The sold to list ratio gap widens. Days on market increase modestly. Active list price goes down, new list price goes up, and sold sales volume goes down. See the charts for an overview, the listings details for more granular information, or the summary statistics for well, a summary of absorption rates, prices and days on market.

1. Is your Anchorage home overvalued? Look up Muni's assessed value here. Take a look at Muni's comps. The deadline to appeal is February 14. Here's the form.

2. Verify- Contact me for a free market analysis. Need extra help? Let me know.

Every year I assess and evaluate my properties for performance. Part of this involves assessing market performance, verifying that I'm taxed at the correct rate/amount, and more. Ask me how I can help you do the same.

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