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Your life. Your home. Your way. Our help.

Buyers, sellers, and prospective tenants contact Marc Jong for a free consultation. Tell me your plans, and let me help get you there. Sellers, sell your home quicker and for a higher price. Buyers, match up with a reputable, efficient lender, identify your budget, negotiate effectively, and find a new place to call home. Investors, talk to me me about your inventory and management plans. Prospective tenants, let me help you find your new home- whether it's in our inventory or elsewhere. 


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As a buyer's or listing rep, I use data to support my clients with acquisition and exit strategies. See me to discuss buying right, maximizing your investment, and exit strategies. See Marc Jong to help you with a yearly property $$ checkup, keep you up to date on real estate trends, to help you monitor the performance of your investment.

New. New. New. Exterior paint, interior remodel includes paint, including garage, new vinyl laminate throughout-no carpet transitions. Keypad locks. New boiler. Spacious open design with south facing windows, and deck. Kitchen is a delight to work in with a gas stove, abundant storage, and plenty of room. Full-size garage. Outstanding value. LL is related to the owner. See MLS listing. Zillow and Zumper coming soon!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Neal Fried 2/20/20; Herrington February sales meeting; Sharing information on Alaska's economy

I've followed Neal's work for a long time to help make buying and investment decisions- and it's worked out well. If you're not familiar with his work, Alaskans are fortunate to him as a valuable resource. Plus, he's pretty hilarious. He's given me permission to share the slides/presentation, and I'll update the blog with a better version once I receive it. In the meanwhile, please feel free to review and call me anytime to discuss. Have a great week!

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